Why invest in PPC Advertising?
Regardless of whether its Google or Bing Ads, PPC campaigns can generate immediate targeted traffic to your site, which is needed by you to find more customers and make more sales.

Affordable PPC Services

We are confident about our services that’s why we work on a month-to-month premise with no closed contracts or cancellation fees.

PPC Services You Can Trust

We are a proud Google Adwards Partner which means that we are certified to run PPC campaigns on Google.

How it Works?

Getting started with PPC is very simple. Our process is clear and straightforward.

Define Business Goals

We will work closely with you to define your online business goals and explain in detail how we plan to work on your campaigns.

This includes discussing with you in depth about your monetary goals, past experiences, products, current and potential customers, competition and anything else that will help us understand your business and industry.

The end result will be a proposal detailing our plan, what to expect in terms of cost, traffic and conversions, and of course advertising spend.

Setup PPC Campaigns

  • Once we agree to work together, we will setup your campaigns.
  • Keyword Research for PPC  campaigns.
  • Setup campaigns according to business need.

Optimize PPC campaigns and make more money

While you run your business, our job is to optimize the campaigns and get you better results. Our goal each month is to get you more customers at a lower cost.


Transparency is very important for us that’s why we will send you regular updates and a monthly report informing you about the status of your campaigns and our next steps.


Our report will show you where the money was spent, what was the results, month-to-month comparisons and much more.

What our PPC Packages include?

Custom PPC packages may include the following PPC services.

Account Setup

We will setup your PPC campaigns using best standards and practices.

Keyword Research

We will do keyword research and distinguish those keywords that are lined up with your business goals and can make you money.

Ad copywriting

We will create any text ads necessary to run our campaigns. If image or video ads are needed we will provide more details to you.

Google Analytics

Results of our PPC campaigns will be available through the powerful reporting platform of Google Analytics.

Conversion Tracking

To ensure that “conversion tracking” works we need to know what works best on your PPC campaigns.

Progress Reports

You will get a detail report every month showing the progress made and work carried out on your campaigns.

Ad management

PPC is not a ‘set it and forget it’ task. We will monitor your campaigns regularly to make sure that they are running optimized and without any problem.

Landing Page

If you are in need of a high converting landing page, we will review the landing page optimization and guide you how to get one